Friday, 27 February 2009

Marie Husson Project

About time, we only know the signs.
Variations of time consciousness and its flux are ruled by our affects. Flux is a metaphor of length in the more universal way. Time passing by like a river.
I like notions of investigation and time of intimacy.
In « La Chambre Claire » (an image book about images), Roland Barthes interrogates the paradox of photographic time. Photograph doesn’t stop the time, it is time.
Like time itself, this is something which is not going through something passing by.
In front of an image, we’re like in front of time.
Because stroke of time still stays unchanged, untouchable. Time is irreversible. During their lifetime, human beings have time to change and decide a lot of things but they can’t go back to childhood. An adult could never become a child again.

I propose a project elaborated in three volets (same model):
1. PushPull
« PushPull » is a serie of four photographs.
A gesture, an attempt to turn back to the state of child.
The pullover, irreversibly shed one’s skin.

2. Untitled (several photographs)
Cylinders of a diving equipment are placed on model’s torso and they figurate his lungs. He is standing along the beach, staring at the horizon.

3. Untitled (several photographs)
The subject is trying to commit suicide in putting a 2,20 meters shotgun in his mouth and it’s impossible for him to shoot himself because he is 1,83m.

The first volet is yet realized. But the project will exist as a whole serie, second and third parts must be defined and are essentials.